Sleight of Hand


Jul 16, 2007
Perth Amboy NJ
What IF...It's a big IF but a IF none the less....What if Apple used the Ipad mini as a diversion and they'll announce the long awaited Apple TV (A full Television). That would be great because i already have an iPad so i don't need a mini. Even though i already have a nice Tv i'm sure Apple will be changing the game with whatever they come out with.


Mar 29, 2009
Nope. If I we're a betting man (and I am) I think the iTV (or whatever they call it) will be released June-July alongside the iPhone 5S. Yep, that's right I believe the iPhone will move back to a Spring/Summer release to offset all this holiday craziness. People forget that Apple has shareholders to answer to and needs to hit projected #'s every quarter not just 1. Not to mention the only reason it was pushed back was because production slowed to a halt due to the tsunami.

I am almost 100% certain we won't see a 5th generation iPad in the spring. 3 refreshes in 1 yr. will piss off everyone. I believe that Apple wanted to get the iPad closer to the holidays. It only makes sense. So Apple had 2 options. Wait 1.5 years for a refresh which would have pissed everyone off, or 2 refreshes in 1yr. and only piss off the people who bought the iPad 3. This way they piss off less people and make more money.