Slim chance Europe could get SIM free or not at all =/

Fat Man

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Jun 27, 2007
North East England

doesn't look like it could be running towards a smooth launch in Europe unless a carrier can be found. If they are truly this reluctant, i don't like my chances of getting my hands on one:( If they somehow do go SIM free (who knows how that would work) the prices would be the same but you get to choose you carrier. If spread over the 2 year contract it would probably be around £350- £400- $700 - $800 for the 8GB device and a two year contract with a min charge of £35 a month(the usual for contract phones at the mo with the 450 min i guess). This works out at a total min payment of £1190 with just the min contract plan and min device pricing- thats about $2300.I am just guessing we would be offered a deal similar to the U.S one. I dread to think if it didn't go on sale at all....

But hopefully this all will go ahead similarly and we wont end up paying too much more.:)