small thing that really bugged me


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Jun 13, 2007
so im driving to school (university of central florida) and i need to buy a parking decal. i ask the girl if i can just buy one, or if i need to register online first and she says "yepp you gotta register before getting your decal, your going to have to run over to the gym and use their computer" and i go "NOPE, got an iPhone, ill do it right here"... so im filling out all of these required fields like name, address, phone number.. and i get to phone number, and the phone automatically switches to the keypad and im thinking "wow, what a great freakin phone, it new i was typing a phone number because it read the field, and it auto switched me to the numbers" so im all excited over how amazing my phone is because of all the small things it does...

..THEN... i submit the form, and it doesn't work.. it says to go back and fix the phone number.. the form was really sensitive and required ###-###-#### format... so i had to go back in and put the dashes in.. AND IT wouldn't LET ME go back to the keyboard.. while i was in the phone number field it FORCED me to use the keypad, and it would only let me use * / + for characters.. those 3 were the only ones that you could use.. i was so frustrated.. i thought my phone was amazing, until i realized that it wouldn't let me get off that damn keypad...

i was so pissed.. its really small problem, and it will probably never happen again, but it really frustrated me..


Aug 2, 2007
Did that to me as well, but because I went "back". I started over on the page I was on and it worked fine. Patience