Sold my Apple watch


New Member
Oct 23, 2020
I purchased my Apple watch - Sport Edition 2 months ago and decided to sell it over the weekend. Am I the only one that thinks this was a total disappointment? The device itself is very nice but for the price I paid, I just couldn't live with myself thinking how much of a waste of money it was. I would still need to use my phone for everything, it lagged A LOT, Speed Test Apps were horrid, 3/4 of the time Siri didn't work and the list goes on. I love Apple but man this was a total let down. I could live with a $100 loss but other than that, I feel for those that paid $500+ for this thing. Of course, to each it's own and you can do whatever you want with your money but I don't see myself getting any Apple watch in the near future.
I am also an Apple enthusiast w/ iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV ( finally sold old White MacBook). I'm looking for something to replace- perhaps the Pebble Time