SOLUTION: Maps widget only showing 10 pinpoints


New Member
May 30, 2007
Just got an answer to my problem with the Maps widget only showing 10 pinpoints per location.

THE PROBLEM: For example if you search for "Starbucks, New York City, NY" it would only return 10 locations, when in reality there are hundreds of Starbucks in NYC.

THE SOLUTION: Search for "New York City, NY" first. When the maps widget finds NYC then you go back into the search and type in "Starbucks". It will place 10 pinpoints on the map.

Now say you want to find more Starbucks locations that are a few miles north of the center of NYC. Just move the map a little to the north and search again for "Starbucks". BAM.. new pinpoints!

Basically it gives you the 10 closest locations to the center of the map.