Sound on handset went dead


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Jul 10, 2007
Has anyone else had this problem? All day my phone was working fine and then on the way home while listening to some tunes I noticed that I couldn't pause via the button on my headphones cord. No problem, I thought, I'll see what's up when I get home.

Then I get to the grocery store, unplug my headphones and call my wife (I paused then unplugged). But I can't hear her because there's no sound coming out of my headset!

After fiddling with it a while I figured out that I could use the phone through the speakerphone and the headphones, but when I used the handset alone she couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear her! I also noticed that during this time, my handset wasn't giving any sound notifications - no new mail, no click when you use the top button. I checked all my settings and they were fine.

After a half hour of messing with settings and such, I tried retracing my steps - put the headphones back in, played some music and then unplugged the headphones WITHOUT stopping the music. Voila - I had sound.

This seems like a strange bug. Anyone else experienced it? I'm wondering if I should put in for a new iPhone or if this is a software glitch that can be fixed by an update. Thoughts?


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Dec 18, 2007
hi. i just had the same problem today. all day long i tried everything. and also tried resetting. no sound. i was thinking it must be a problem with the music and headphones but coul not figure it out exactly. then came home and read your thread and did what you have done. yes the sound was on again. i really panicked because i am using iPhone in Turkey, there are several Apple stores but no help for iPhone. so thanks : ) but i don't know if this is a fixable problem.


Sep 7, 2007
McPherson, KS
Plug and unplug the headphones in a few times. Sometimes the iPhone things headphones are plugged in and this is exactly what happens.