Speculation Aside


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Aug 6, 2007
How about a post regarding existing aspects of the iPhone that you like or don't think require any fixes/change?

I for one just downloaded a movie from iTunes and put it on my phone and I was blown away by how sharp and clear the picture is. I haven't seen the Video iPod so the closest thing I can compare it to is the PSP and this is so much better. Also with the eight gigs of space I could easily load another six feature-length movies on here, which could really come in handy on long flights or even a dull day at work, as is the current situation.


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Aug 27, 2007
i agree. the video is really impressive when watching movies. far more watchable than the old video ipod. the only real huge thing i feel needs some of Apples attention is the widescreen keyboard in all apps and not just safari...who knows maybe they're working on it so it works good with the new ichat app;)...speculation aside of course.


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Jul 23, 2007
Video on the iPhone is simply superb. When I fly I always take some movies to watch on the plane. As soon as the "...you may now use your electronic devices, ipods etc..." message comes on I go to the movies.

Had a center seat on the last flight and both people on my left and right were trying to watch the movie. :)

This is, to me, one of it's greatest features.


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Aug 25, 2007
How about a post regarding existing aspects of the iPhone that you like or don't think require any fixes/change?
Where to start? ... Where to stop? There is so much! It's obvious that every aspect of the "stock functionality" has been tested, retested and for what it is, works fairly flawlessly. As someone who also writes code, there are things I would have done differently and things I wish worked differently and there are just a myriad functionality I wish I could add to the thing. For the most part, however, the things that were built in:

* Phone
* iPod
* Web Browser
* Email
* Calculator
* Notepad
* Maps
* YouTube
* Camera

Work flawlessly. Much like it's physical appearance the software aspects of this device are smooth, polished and well thought out. (all imho of course)


Jul 13, 2007
The UI is smooth, it occasionally hesitates to unlock when woken up, otherwise with the exception of random quitting of apps it works well. I had the mail program quit on me 4 times last night. After each open I would delete a few emails, it would quit, when opened again they were back. After the 4th quit the phone actually rebooted itself and then actually drained the battery until it shut off, totally weird.

The video is really nice. I have used it on flights as well which has been really handy. The battery seems to last about 5 hours when I do that, so it is not bad (I think they claim 7 hours). I do wish we could hide things on the home screen. I find that I don't use youtube - ever - so would like to hide that. There are functions that are spelled out in other threads that would be nice as well, such as a full browser instead of internet lite.

I am mostly pleased with the device so far.