Spigen SGP Glass.tr + Otterbox Defender for iPhone5... w/ mini Glass.tr review


Aug 7, 2007
After 5 months with my black/black iP5 Otterbox defender case, I wanted a different color... Plus it was hard finding the black case in dimmer lighting. lol. I came across the Glass.t or Glass.tr (can't remember which) IRL while in Korea and thought it was a cool idea. A bit expensive, but cool... I saw the Glass.tr + defender idea from another forum (just google Glass.tr and otterbox defender and you'll see it). Same defender glacier color but iP5 is in white. Wasn't sure how my black iP5 would look in a white faced case but I think it looks just fine.

Glass.tr = awesomeness. Beautiful as a naked screen. No dust, no bubbles. Install was okay. Used the do- it-in-the-bathroom-after-a-hot-shower install method. Lol. But I dropped it crooked a couple times (should have also used the scotch tape method to help apply), so had to pry it off and reapply. So one corner has what looks like a very very small spot of missing adhesive, probably due to my nail having to dig in and pry it off. I can safely say I will never go back to plastic screen protectors. Removing a plastic screen protector and seeing how beautiful a naked screen is and then having to put a plastic protector back on for protection taking away from that screen beauty sucks... I won't go naked screen ever again since I've scratched my naked iPhone 4 screen before. I'm getting used to touching glass agin since it's different and doesn't have the extra drag that plastic can have.


With the iP5 + Glass.tr inside the Otterbox defender, the defender is a tight tight fit. Actually the case I got doesn't click well on the bottom. The white back piece is maybe a mm (or less) off from my black one at the lower right clip spot. Not a problem with naked iPhone but with the Glass.tr, I need the tightness to keep the case on. I could remove the back piece sponge to make more clearance but that's impact protection so I won't. Had to use the black back of my first defender with the white front of my new one. I bought the new one for the color, so I want that white front instead of just using my original black inner hard case since which clicks shut better than the white hard case with the iP5+Glass.tr combo. The Glass.tr makes the otterbox bulge at the bottom so it doesn't look the greatest in terms of fit and finish but it works. Black/black defender would hide this better than white/grey does. The lightning port cover sticks out a little since the case can no longer grab onto the top tabs of the port cover. I may just cut off the lighting port cover but we'll see about that later on since it does hold semi-shut using the bottom port cover tabs. This combo is not for those anal about how their case looks. lol. I use otterbox defender for protection first and foremost, then it's sexy good looks. haha. If I wanted sexy, I'd be using an Element Ronin. I would love to use the Ronin, but I drop my phone too much. I need function/protection over sexiness. I also am using the home button sticker that came with the Glass.tr otherwise the Defender button part wouldn't press down onto the home button too well since the Glass.tr adds thickness and a 'hole' around the home button if the sticker isn't being used.


Using the built in defender protector on top of Glass.tr was stupid. Left a gap between glass and protector because of the extra thickness flexing the hard case. Touches turned into pushes. Reminded me of my old palm pilots. Lol. Sucked at first but after a day I realized it provided a tactile feedback to texting. ie: buttons needed to be 'pressed' on the keypad. Interesting, and I could grow to like it but it did slow me down texting and it took away from the screen beauty/clarity. Also, sliding was more "push and drag" now. Anyways, that lasted a day and then I popped out the built in protector and am now just with the Glass.tr with defender case minus built-in plastic protector. Glue residue holding the built in screen protector in place came off with the protector so that's not a problem.

My iPhone 4 otterbox defender grey silicon eventually broke/cracked (since it was more rigid and did not really stretch) vs the black iPhone 4 defender silicon (stretched), so we'll see how this grey iP5 silicon holds up verus the black iP5 silicon (no stretch, no break/crack, but top layer peeled bad eventually).