SSH + MacFusion works great = iPhone as mounted disk under OSX


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Jul 4, 2007
After hacking my iPhone and enabling an ssh server with sftp access, I just got the idea to use MacFusion to allow for direct access to my iPhone from my Mac.

If your not familiar with MacFusion, basically it lets you map sftp servers, and have them appear on your Mac just as if they were actual mounted hard disks.

After doing this, my iPhone now appears as a mounted disk under OSX, so I can just drag and drop files to it without having to manually sftp them to the phone.

It's really a nice way to go.


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Aug 9, 2007
I can't get this to work - in fact I can't SSH to my iPhone from OS X at all. WinSCP works when I'm booted into vista - works great. In OS X i've tried MacFuse, Transmit, Cyberduck, and FUGU, none of them work. Usually authentication problems, or connection refused errors. My login and pass work great with WinSCP though -

is there any trick to getting this setup working with MacFusion?