strange interaction between iPod/iPhone


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Aug 17, 2007
I've noticed something very strange when I use my 60GB iPod(in my car connected to a Kensington FM sending unit) and my iPhone is on sitting next to the iPod. The iPod volume will periodically begin to randomly increase and decrease very quickly. This does not affect the actual volume from the car stereo, as the Kensington fm sending unit takes control of this via the 30 pin dock connector.

I'm assuming this is caused by interference from my iPhone. At first I thought something was wrong with my iPod, but after moving my iPhone away from the iPod the problem stopped. I did this numerous times to make sure of what was happening.

Anyone else experience this, or something similar?


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Jul 28, 2007
cell phones mess with ipods.. use to happen all the time with my nextel and my ipod when i had them next to each other... its awsome when your listen to music trying to do homework and then all of a sudden its all the way up and your ears are bleeding LOL or in the car when it goes full blast and you almost blow a speaker