Stuck on "connect to iTunes" with emergency call option only


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Sep 28, 2011
My iPhone 3GS abruptly lost the 3G signal so i restarted it. when the phone restarted the "connect to iTunes" screen showed up with the emergency call slide bar at the bottom. i restarted the phone again and then tried a "hard" reboot, but the same thing occurred. I then received a "Restore Needed" notice, so I tried to connect to iTunes to restore but a notice popped up that read " your iPhone is currently locked. type in your passcode and try again"
Since I cant access the passcode screen how the heck do I enter it in so I can connect to iTunes?

My phone has never been jailbroken or hacked or anything like that, the only thing I've ever had done to the thing is to replace a cracked screen about 8 months ago.....

Any suggestions? not having my phone is killig me!(n)


Apr 11, 2008
Put your device into DFU mode and restore in iTunes.

Another option to consider (try) is to turn the phone off, hold down the home button for about 5 seconds then plug the USB cable into the phone. You should see a prompt in iTunes telling you to update or restore < --- this may not work because of the passcode lock. DFU may be your only option.