Summerboard themes and 1.1.1

Crash Override

Aug 9, 2007
After manually installing Summerboard for 1.1.1 (along with the few themes packaged with it), I installed the time machine theme. I tried launching Summerboard, but it would just crash back to the springboard. I did some reading, and with help from others on this board, I changed the summerboard file properties so the octal was 0755 on all of them. Ta-Da, summerboard was up and running. I'm able to make and apply adjustments in Summerboard, and pick from the themes (Leopard, Louie Mantia, Panther, Summerboard, and Time Machine).
however, if i try to download any other summerboard theme via installer, I get an error: "you must install summerboard first". anyone else seeing this?:eek: