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Jul 9, 2007
Hey, I've had my iPhone since second week after it came out but I've been avoiding "hacking" it. I'm worried about warranties and the like. I've decided that there's too much cool stuff to keep my iPhone running just stock, I really want to load up some NES games :p

Where do I start, what programs do I need, how time consuming is it and how much damage could I potentially due to the phone?

Thanks in advance.



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Jul 19, 2007
Malibu CA
No one i have heard of has done any damage to there phone, all you have to do is restore it if something does not work.

Are you running windows or Mac.

windows search for ibrikr
mac search for ifuntastic.

if running mac google for iPhone installer this will get nes and many other apps onto your phone.

you may want to wait after Apple releases another update rumor has it Sept 5th otherwise you will have to do these steps again.