Sync with Thunderbird and Lightning?


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May 28, 2007
Apex, NC
Sync with Thunderbird & Lightning?!

I got an email from Apple today talking about all the wonderful things the iPhone will do. And the only thing listed for Windows geeks is Outlook! :mad:

I use Mozilla exclusively, for good reason. Does anyone know if my contacts and appointments in TB&L will transfer in some way to the iPhone?



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Oct 7, 2010
Yes it will.

Mozilla Thunderbird to iPhone

October 07, 2010

Mozzilla Thunderbird Version 3.1.4
iPhone 3GS 16GB Software version 4.0 unlocked. (cracked)

With date and version changes this description will change. Your operating system will cause changes if it is set up differently than mine. You may need to modify this transfer method.

On your computer:
¨ Open up Thunderbird and go to Tools and open up Address Book
o You may have created your own address book or imported it into Thunderbird. I personally have 4 address book entries. An important entry is Personal Address Book. Another entry is HandyAddressBook created with my address book purchased through another software producer. These address books were saved by another program in the form of a TXT or CSV file and then imported into Thunderbird. CSV is Comma Separated Values. TXT could be the same thing. You can change TXT to CSV if it is in fact comma separated values.
¨ Highlight the address book you are interested in and select Tools, Export.
¨ Locate where you want the file saved on your computer.
¨ Give the export file at name. Example "Personal"
¨ In the drop down combo box below the name click the small right arrow and select Comma Separated. This will produce a CSV file.
¨ Do likewise with other address books listed in Mozzila Thunderbird.

As you can see here, any address book program or email program of any kind is OK if it can create the CSV file and save it on your computer.

Now we go to Google Gmail and set up an account or open an existing account. Use this account as the intermediary to transfer your address book to your iPhone.
¨ Open
¨ In the top right hand corner click on "Sign in".
¨ I will now leave it to you to follow the Google instructions to set up an account and/or an email account with them. Once signed in I found Gmail in the toolbar at the top of the page.
¨ You should now be looking at your Gmail page at
¨ Click on "Contacts" in the left column under "Mail".
¨ Click on "My Contacts" in the left column.
¨ Click on "More Actions"
¨ Click on "Import"
¨ Browse to the location on your home computer to the CSV files you previously saved from Thunderbird.
¨ Select the address book. Example "Personal".
o Google Gmail is easy to get familiar with. Play around with it. You may want to create additional locations for saving data files but I found this not to work in my iPhone. The iPhone only recognized the root folder called My Contacts. You can import one address book at a time and both will end up in "My Contacts". The separation of CSV files works OK in Google if you need to keep one file separate from another.

It is now time to deal with the iPhone but first you need iTunes on your computer. If you don't already have it go to the Internet and search for iTunes. Download and install it on your computer. At the time of this writing I found iTunes 10.0.1 for my Windows 64 bit operating system. Watch what you are doing and get the right version for your computer.
¨ Open up iTunes
¨ In the left hand column you will NOT find Devices. So plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB cable and Devices will appear in the left hand column of your iTunes application.
¨ Under Devices you will see iPhone. You can rename it and add your name if you want to.
¨ Click on the name iPhone.
¨ The center of your iTunes applicatoin will now show iPhone, Version and Options.
¨ If you have a cracked version of iPhone software DO NOT update your software. Stay away from version or your phone will no longer be cracked.
o I am using T-Mobile To Go services on my iPhone and if I update the iPhone software it will not work with my phone service. (until a crack is discovered)
¨ On the tool bar along the top of the screen click on "Info".
¨ Check the box for "Sync Contacts With" and select "Google Contacts".
¨ Click on Configure and for your Google ID put in your Google email address. Example:
¨ Enter your Google email password.
¨ Note: Google did not give me the opportunity to select "Selected groups".
¨ In the lower right hand corner of iTunes click on "Sync". This is because my iPhone will not display separate file folders.
o The syncing process starts and may take a few minutes if you have a large database. Your iPhone will indicate the Sync is in progress.

When finished you can click on "Contacts" on your Springboard (iPhone desktop) and all the contacts will be there. Your iPhone email program will also coordinate with this contact list.