Sync Working--Finally!


Apr 28, 2007
I know there's a bunch of posts here, but with a workaround, I was able to get calendar sync working, under Windows XP SP2, Outlook 2003 SP2, all patches installed, and iTunes

My contacts had always synched perfectly from the Exchange server (not a .pst), but my calendar never worked. I'm sure there is a corrupt entry in my Exchange/server calendar, so I just created a NEW .pst file, put it into the default location Outlook wants it, gave it a name, and started directing email to the .pst rather than the mailbox on the server. Yes, the mail is downloaded to my hard drive, and that sucks, but really the key stuff I need backed up are contacts, calendar, notes, etc. And that stuff's still on the server.

I opened the new .pst calendar side by side next to the exchange calendar, and one-by-one, dragged (copied) appointments over. It was key for me to hold "Control" while moving them. I steered clear from recurring appointments that had funky exceptions...although I found the exceptions did take. I also avoided any appointments that had meeting requests, and just recreated the appointment without the attendee list or other Outlook stuff. When I synched, everything came over...the recurring, individual and exceptions...and created, modified and deleted appointments on both the iPhone and in Outlook, and all is well. I'm still nervous when it synchs...I never believe it will work, but it has! I will just have to use the .pst...and occasionally (i.e. weekly), copy the apppointments to the exchange side, as my "backup" solution. Annoying but less annoying than the Outlook plug-in crash!

I remain cautiously optimistic. I'm just avoiding very funky appointments.


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Dec 24, 2007
Thanks.. It does work... Finally and that seems to be the only way out (after researching a lot on Apple Support and Google).

I could sync to PST only after this.


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Dec 13, 2008
sync email 2003


i saw that u managed to sync your outlook 2003, i would be grateful if you can help me to sync my outlook 2003 thro iTunes to my iPhone.

kindly note that my calendar and contacts are sync but email not
can you tell me where have i err.

kindly help