Synching iPhone with 2 computers, 2 users and 2 iPhones


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Jun 26, 2007
Hi everyone! This is my first post. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's officially obsessed! :laugh2:

I'm purchasing my iPhone Fri. and currently have my iTunes setup only on my work computer. I want to activate my phone asap and wouldn't be able to on my work comp until Monday. My boyfriend has iTunes w/ ipod on his computer at our apartment. Will I be able to active using my own iTunes account on his computer? Will he be able to do the same if he gets an iPhone too or will my upload affect his? I've never plugged my ipod into his comp because I was afraid it would erase his or my songs. I want to be able to logon to work or home computer and download songs without erasing his or my songs on either computer.

Thanks in advance!


Jan 10, 2007
Welcome to EI.
iTunes should be able to distinguish different logins and iPhones. i don't think you'll have any problems with activating two phones with 1 iTunes.