Syncing iPhone 4 across multiple calendars

Charles Hopkins

New Member
May 29, 2012
Hi everyone - I'm new here. Been checking this site our here and there over the past year, never had to post until now...

Here's my issue-

I have an iPhone 4, which is synced with my personal computer (gmail account, google icalendar, macbook pro calendar)...standard, right?

Side note - my work has gotten way busier than normal as of late. My calendar (courtesy of Microsoft Outlook) is packed with meetings and appointments. I do not have a "work" phone - I'm still too low on the totem pole for my company to warrant getting me a work cell.

As with most, my iPhone has become a small extension of my biological self. I was hoping there would be some way to sync my iPhone with my Outlook calendar, but not with the Outlook email. I REALLY do not want my work email tied to my personal phone, but would like the calendar aspect tied in, as I have begun to use my Outlook calendar for about 90% of my scheduling, for work and personal appts.

Is there any way to do this, and if so, can it be done wirelessly as well? (I.e. if I created a new appointment in my Outlook calendar on my work computer, can it be pushed to my iPhone without having to connect my iPhone to my work computer?)

Again, I would rather NOT have my work email synced if this is at all possible. Just the calendar.

Thank you!


Jan 26, 2008
Alternatively, set up the email account through settings. Once that is done, you have a choice of what to actually sync to your device: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders. Simply turn off what you don't want. I do not want my work Contacts or Reminders on my iPhone, so I have Mail and Calendars enabled only.