System Preferences Freezing Up


Oct 11, 2009
The other day I went in and was trying to change my desktop settings to use some of my own photos instead of the stock photos that change every 5 minutes. Well, I got the photo to change, but it doesn't rotate every 5 minutes like I want it to now.

When I go into System Preferences and click on Desktop and Screensaver, it freezes up and all I get is the rainbow pinwheel spinning and spinning forever. I can't even get it to change from the Desktop settings to Screensaver settings. It shows a thumbnail of what is now my desktop photo, 3 folder options, which I can't select, and in the preview window, it just says Loading Images...

Any idea what I can do to fix this?


New Member
Nov 26, 2012
I had same problem. It seems one or more images were in a corrupted format even though they all looked like jpg.
Solution. Remove all non Apple images from desktop of syst prefs. Make a new folder with a few of your preferred desktops images. Put it in the finder pictures folder. Go to syst prefs desktop an add that new folder. If it works progressively add more images. You may eventually it he bad one.