iPhone XS Talk about getting extremely lucky


Mar 29, 2009
Well let’s forget how I totally screwed myself on preorder night for the iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch series 4.

Figured I’d roll the dice on release day availability and planned to camp out at my local Verizon Store (Apple Store is 1.5hrs away) But come yesterday I just had too much to do during the day. For shits and giggles I checked availability at Best Buy around 3 in the afternoon. Didn’t expect much but they had a 256GB Xs Max in space grey so I snagged it. Talk about a lucky break!

I had also checked for the Apple Watch Series 4 for my wife as her birthday is Oct. 1st. None available for pick up as I expected. But I checked today and they had the exact 1 I was looking for at a different Best Buy about the same distance away. Just picked it up an hr ago. Lucky break #2!

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