Text Message backup during Manual Sync?


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Nov 26, 2011
I have an iPhone 3G operating on software version 3.1.3 and am running iTunes version on Windows Vista (yes I know I should be updating software.) I have iTunes set up so that I manually manage music and videos. I know that during the sync process text messages are backed up on your computer but I'm wondering if someone can tell me if my text messages are still being backed up even when I am manually managing music. Does this happen automatically when I just connect my iPhone or is there a sync that I need to run for the backup to occur?

Also, my computer used to prompt me using some image program to download pictures from my iPhone to my computer. It no longer does that and I can't find my pictures stored anywhere in iTunes. How can I access pictures from my iPhone and store them to my computer?

I'd really appreciate any help you all can give me! I'm so confused and really don't want to lose my texts or pics!


Dec 2, 2007
Long Island, NY
Ok let's try to answer as you asked:
1- Yes, it would be a good idea to update all the softwares you mentioned.
2- Even though you chose to manually manage your music and videos, you must still sync your phone with iTunes to backup your data, settings, texts etc. You can do that manually by plugging into iTunes and pushing the sync button or go into the device summary part of iTunes (after your phone is plugged in) and choose "sync whenever iTunes begins.
3- Your pictures are stored in a folder on your pc. You chose what picture folder to sync from your pc to your iPhone. You have to make sure sync pictures is selected in the iTunes device summary. Now be careful, if you have lost that folder on your pc and you choose to sync pictures with your iPhone the pictures will be lost during a sync if the picture folder is not on your pc. If you have lost the folder and you want to retrive them from your phone and put them on a folder in your pc you will need to down load a free TRANSFER PROGRAM. I use diskaid. It has saved me on many an occasion.