The be all end all device


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Apr 3, 2007
The iPhone I believe will be the be all end all device. This will be the first fully functioning mobile PC running a full OS. By stock in Apple before June, its going to go up.....

I have been using MAC's for a year now and would not buy a Windows PC again. I can do everything and then some on a MAC. No virus's or spyware. MAC just works.....
Check out a MAC store and play around with one. You will be amazed at what a MAC can do.

I have played with Vista and it is almost a direct copy of OSx. Vista has many many flaws still and Service pack 1 is already in the works and Vista was just released. Either way you look at it if you buy a MAC or new Vista PC you will have a learning and usability issue with both. But you will learn over time.