The future of the iPod touch as I see it.


Feb 25, 2007
in the near future I'd expect to see 2 versions of the iPod touch

A game model, as we saw from the recent press conference and then a "close to iPhone" model.

Jobs is quoted as saying they were looking to cut cost of the iPod touch by not including the camera this would help them get market share in the handheld community.

The second of these will sport a camera which no doubt will have video capture capability as well as editing.

The Gaming version of the iPod Touch will begin to shift away from the iPhone idea and move its way towards leading the Hand Held game market.

Faster processing, better displays, larger memory

All these can help the game process whether it be by looks or ability to hold more games.

It will get to a point where one of these models will receive a different naming, most likely the Game Version.

-Disappointed expector of iPod touch with camera =/

I just purchased the new iPod touch. Sold the one I got with my MBP and spent 10 bucks(net) for this one

I was really hoping to get something to hold me over until I can get my iPhone in May.

On att or another carrier ** Wishful thinking **


Sep 10, 2007
i don't think they'll make two different versions at the same time (apart from storage capacity, of course)... but that's just my gut. I guess we'll wait and see...

if anything, i see the touches being phased out as more and more people get iPhones (especially if ATT loses exclusivity next year). why would there need to be a "close to iPhone" model then?

On a side note, i now feel kinda guilty i just sold my gen 2 8GB touch on ebay for $190...