The iPhone 3GS Video thread!


For pictures, use the sister iPhone 3G S Picture thread.

Now that we can upload videos to youtube directly from our iPhones, we can easily post and share them here!

I'll start us off, here's a quick video I took in the car, using my friend's fish eye lens!

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Be a perfect time to pitch the video sharing section here at EIC, but it's broken right now. Working on getting it fixed.

What section title would you guys want?

BTW, adding videos is as easy as copy&paste the URL from YouTube or other video sharing sites.


Wow jim, he is adorable! How old is he?
He'll be 10 weeks this Sunday. We got him at 6 weeks (a tad early). He weighed 8 pounds then, and 15 now. He looks really sweet, but when he gets "in that mood" this is the most willful and stubborn animal I have *ever* seen. :cool:


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YouTube Video Comparison via Direct File or YouTube Upload Button

I uploaded a video twice that I shot on my iPhone 3G S. I thought I would do a comparison of the quality sent to youtube via the youtube upload button and taken directly off the iPhone and uploaded to youtube from my PC.

Video Sent Directly from iPhone via youtube button
iPhone recompresses video with lower bitrate and resamples to 480x360 resulting in a 3.5mb file

Video taken from the iPhone via "Scanner and Cameras" on PC
Video size is 640x480 and file size is 64.7mb

Once it ends up on youtube, the quality is pretty much the same even though the 640x480 version displays the HQ button. There is a small problem with jaggies though when using the 640x480 version so maybe using the YouTube upload button on the iPhone might be better is some cases.

If you compare the video at 1:37 when it is changing adjusting the exposure it does not have as many artifacts in the compression in the larger file.

When playing back on your computer, the 640x480 file is much better of course and the file size is almost 20x as large.