The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Picture Thread


There may not be any "Lookers" left at the beach this late in the year, but maybe you'll find a few to shoot.
I'll be at a retreat that's like a beach but not one. It has some sand and on water. I'll take a few photos. I want to try though to take a few photos on campus of animals like squirrels hehe. I love taking out of the blue photos of them.


I couldn't find a topic for showing off iPhone 6 plus pictures. The more pictures I take with my plus, the more impressed I am with the picture quality, especially in low light situations. I believe that the optical image stabilization in the plus really makes previously impossible shots possible under low light conditions. I'm currently on a cruise down the coast of Alaska and find myself using my plus far more than my DSLR.

Anyway, I'd love to see other examples of pictures from the plus, especially under less than ideal lighting conditions. Attached please find my first contribution of a picture of the city of Juneau, Alaska taken with my plus resting on the rail of our balcony of our cruise ship. I'll post more pictures as we sail down the coast.

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