The Neverending Story


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
I thought it might be cool to have an ongoing story written by the members of eiC. The story need not be sane at all times. I came up a potential first paragraph, and I'll thank Bennyboy in advance for (unwittingly) providing the first illustration and its caption. (Sorry for putting you on the spotlight, BB--just think of it as a compliment--your picture was that thought-provoking!) Just take this story and continue it! One simple rule: After you contribute your part, you have to wait 24 hours before contributing again.


Just a strange flower
That's actually an octopus-chicken, Benny. We made them in the lab by accident. (I have to admit, we had consumed a toxic dose of tincture of Cheeze-Its.) We managed to contain them, and, shortly thereafter, we started passing out, one by one. When we came to, we realized some of them had escaped. We've been living in fear ever since, for the octopus-chickens have peculiar, um, abilities.