Things they didn't say:


Jul 6, 2007
Dallas, TX
the on thing they did not tell you about the GPS is that it still uses the net to get its maps. this could be faster with 3G yet in those locations where you only have EDGE this could be a problem. The fact of the mater is that this will eat up more of your battery than a standard GPS unit. So If anyone wants to create an native App for the iPhone that uses maps stored in the phone itself and not the web. Let me have a free copy because I wrote it first. If you are feeling extra gen. yoou can give me a percent:laugh2: Ya right. Anyways I said it first.
eh, google maps works just fine on 3g/edge with my N95. And the N95's battery is not near the spec of the new iPhone's battery. Also, the Garmin Nuvi I have in my truck is not much on battery life anyhow. I'm sure some of the big boys like Garmin or TomTom will now also develop an app for the iPhone like they have with other phones. Garmin Mobile XT is an awesome mobile GPS platform.


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Feb 17, 2007
Ya they most likely will, and will charge a lot more than 9.99 which most of the apps are starting at. Just because they can. I think it would be nice to have a cheap one to go along with google maps when it is not quit practical to use. Like when you have no cell signal. the GPS will still work without cell service because it is circling are earth. This would be the ultimate all in one device then.
I expect that app developers, who give away their apps today for jailbroken phones, will actually ask for money once they are made available via the Apple store. While they could still offer them for free via the store, i suspect most won't. I'm not saying this is wrong, I'm just making the observation, and a prediction based on my personal experience as a shareware and retail software developer from '82 to '99. We'll see.


Jun 4, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
Why do you see that? At&t has had 3G phones for years now and they haven't been charging more.
Well if I remember correctly (and I might not) the data plan on my old BlackJack was $30 a month, not including texts. Add on my texts and I was paying like $50 or so a month plus the $9.99 additional line fee.