Tip: Swipe to Close Keyboard in Messages


Apr 4, 2010
Northern NJ
On my Android phone (HTC Evo) there was a key on the on-screen keyboard to close it. Tapping in the text are would pop it back up. I was frustrated that the iPhone had no such method of closing the keyboard and revealing the bottom half of the screen. Makes it a pain to read conversations in text/iMessages. Well duh! I just realized that simply swiping down from the top of the on-screen keypad closes it. Tapping in the text box re-opens it.

Sure, this a "Homer Simpson" moment for me, but be gentle. I've used BlackBerrys mostly for the past decade. I only flirted with Android for about 6 months during that period. Finding all the little tips and tricks made me very efficient using my BlackBerry. It's amazing how saving a step or two when using an app all day long can improve both efficiency and the overall user experience. I loved the keyboard shortcuts for opening apps. Just hit "L" for calendar, "M" for mail, etc. I'm still discovering all the ins and outs of the iPhone.