To G or Not To G--That Is The Question


Feb 18, 2010
Well, I'm An R.R.O.G., really really old guy, at least as techies go. I became an Apple nut when I retired from teaching and discovered the iPad, then the iMac, and then the Chinese
iPhone stove (-: My first two iPads have been WiFi, but as I read some of the speculation about iPad 3 and LTE, I became intrigued about WiFi with 3G. Fortunately\Unfortunately?, my iPhone cellular carrier is Sprint. Most of the time WiFi works great, but depending on where I am, it is exceedingly, painfully slow. I used my iPhone as a hot spot for a month through Sprint, but it was too slow and too inconsistent to make it worth the 30$. As I look to next week, I would really be interested to find out all I can about 3G models, carriers, and whether it is a good or bad thing. I really appreciate your input.


Aug 26, 2011
4lte is going to be wonderful however if you have wifi at home and the place you frequent you may not need it. If you can afford it get the option and the go month to month. Turn it on when needed.
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Oct 17, 2007
smudgeyjoe I am a fellow RROG at least compared to most members here. I have the iPad 1 with wifi and 3G. We were in San Diego CA this past week at a nice hotel for a company meeting. They had wifi in the lobby and at the club level but it was painfully slow, which I assume was do to heavy usage. I have AT&T and have had good reception and service. If I hadn't had 3G at the hotel I would have been forced to go to the lobby or club level. After a day of meetings and people I like to chill in my room for a while and check emails, web sites etc. that wouldn't have been possible without 3G. I haven't been staying current lately so what is LTE? It PO's me that with an iPhone I can't tether to it from my iPad and not have to pay an extra monthly fee for 3G access. I know I can unlock my iPhone, I believe that's the term but have no desire to do so and tether my iPad to it. At least I think so

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Feb 20, 2012
It is accually called 4G LTE and it is basicly like calling your 3G connection DSL speed and 4G LTE would compare at cable access speed. I was only a 4G connection once with my old Galaxy 2 but it was super fast. It is only avalible in certain lications now but expanding it supposed to be in my area next year around the time I should be looking to upgrade so hope the next iPhone has 4G LTE and has all the kinks out by then.

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