Took me about 20 days, but I'm back!


Used my latest upgrade to switch to an Android phone on October 10th. The Samsung Captivate to be specific. It was a good phone, had its good points/bad points, but ultimately I'm back on the iPhone.

The phone itself was fun. I really liked the Android OS. Getting it to do what I wanted was at times, frustrating. Finding apps to play/organize music and video better than the stock app, getting a better picture viewer, exploring different email programs, etc. Kept me busy and out of trouble for a couple weeks, but ultimately I kept thinking "The iPhone used to do __________ right out of the box."

Was pretty well sold on it except for one thing. The particular phone I had, was one of many that had a defect when it left Samsung. It could not be put into recovery or download mode using the buttons on the phone itself. It had to be done via a command prompt, using a laptop and the SDK. At first it was not too big of a deal. That all ended on Thursday night.

I got hit with an OTA update that (of course) was going to patch the software on the phone and fix the 3 button dl/rec mode issue and also fix some GPS issues and some others. It asked if I wanted to update and I clicked "Yes" That's when the world came to a screeching halt. The update failed and my phone was bricked. Had a couple hundred people tell me "Just put the phone in download mode and re-flash it" Uhm... no can do. So I made a flying trip to the AT&T store to swap it out.

Got the new phone all loaded up and back together but forgot one thing. Forgot to tick the box that disables automatic updates. Woke up Friday morning to another brick.

So, I stopped at the AT&T store on the way into work, talked with a really nice guy there and ended up just swapping it out for the iPhone 4. I'm glad I did now.

Yes I yearned for something new, something different, something to tinker with, but when all is said and done, I'm back to Apple. Add up all the issues and problems that I've had since the original iPhone and through every iPhone variation thereafter and it STILL didn't leave me without a working phone for that long. Not once did I have to return one. I might have had to beat it back into submission once or twice (due to my own doings) but never did I have to box it back up.

So here I am, back in iPhone land and loving it.



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Jan 5, 2008
I have both an iPod touch and a mytouch 3G. I love Android. I don't see any issues with it.

also I'm getting an update from 1.6 to 2.2 soon and I cannot wait for it.

but Android is good. you should have got something by HTC if you wanted proper Android.

pic related, it's me and my mytouch.

p.s. picture was taken from iPod FaceTime camera

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