Transferring files to iPhone

Skipper Dan

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Sep 18, 2012
OK so I finally could afford an (old) I phone. I am in Peru and I found one that was jail broke (I did not know this at the time) I could not get the internet to work so I reset it. Yep locked it up tight.
SO I took it to the local PRO and he got it working again. I have Cydia on it if that means anything.

I tried to sync it with I Tunes and I could not get it to sync my songs some king of error. So a friend said use a copy program. I downloaded one free. Transferred all my songs and it hung up. So I stopped it. Then decided to try I Tunes again with a limited number of songs. It worked BUT now I have 5 Gb of space that is used but nothing to show for it. it is under "other" in iTunes. I downloaded I explorer and searched till I am blue in the face but cannot find any files that size.

I need to know how to erase and start over without having to go back and see the PRO.

Please help Dan


Jun 8, 2008
Cape Cod
Hi Dan. You have multiple issues going on. First, you're jailbroken so you could have goofy problems with iTunes now and then. Getting past that.. The "Other" file that you're looking at is a mysterious amount of data that shows up on mostly everyones phones. It varies the amount of space it can take up. It's irritating but one of those facts of life. Cydia is the jailbroken version of the iTunes store. You can get apps and stuff from there just like in iTunes.

The only way I've read to get rid of the "other" data is to do a restore of your phone and start fresh. There's most likely a program storing data or even multiple programs storing data in there. For one reason or another, it doesn't get deleted. If you restore your phone as a new phone and start fresh, it will most likely be gone. Unfortunately, it also means that you lose the jailbreak. Depending on how bad you need your phone jailbroken, that's not a bad thing. Plus, you can always go back in and jailbreak it again. There is a Jailbreak forum here that will tell you how to jailbreak any iPhone. Seeing as you purchased this phone used and it was jailbroken, you would be safe to restore it as a new phone and get rid of any programs that may be undesirable, or in a worst case scenario, even dangerous to your phone and privacy.

Now if this phone is also unlocked through being jailbroken, that's a whole different story and it might not work again. If it's just a normal phone and a normal carrier, you shouldn't have any problems restoring it back to the original condition. Then you'll have a nicely working phone. That's about all I can think of at the moment, I hope it gives you a little clarity about the situation though.