Traveling to Bangkok ? Charges


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Oct 1, 2011
I'm going to Bangkok with 2 friends. I'm reading many old threads about AT&T charges, roaming and international data plans and want to make sure I'm understanding things right. If I go in airplane mode, I will be able to text, surf the web (go on Facebook) and use apps on available free wifi but I won't be able to receive or make phone calls correct? Also saw that they had data pkgs you can buy like 50MB or 20 MB - is that still available and would there be additional charges if I did that? Bottom line, I don't care if I can't make or receive calls in airplane mode if that's all I have to do to avoid any extra charges as long as I can still text, surf and use my apps. Is that possible?


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Dec 12, 2008
Turn off data roaming, go into airplane mode and then turn on WiFi. You won't be able to send texts through AT&T (it would actually be a GSM carrier in Thailand you'd be roaming on) if you're in airplane mode. Install a texting app from the App Store before you go; it will use WiFi instead of your cellular number. You can make phone calls on WiFi with Skype. Skype to Skype contact is free. Skype to phone number is pretty cheap.

Have fun in Bangkok. I went TDY there when I was in the Air Force and had a great time.