Unlock AT&T network


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Jan 24, 2012
I'm pretty new to the whole iPhone scene and I bought an iPhone from a friend coming from the States. He upgraded to iOS 5.0 (9A334) without doing a backup and the phone is currently locked to AT&T. Is it possible to unlock the phone to be able to use on any network?
I believe downgrading the OS is not possible without the SHSH blobs files (which I don't have).

I would appreciate some guidelines on how to go about to get this bugger to work on my local network.


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Dec 12, 2008
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Unfortunately, your iPhone 4 is not unlockable with ultrasn0w or a GEVEY SIM. The software unlock does not work on this model if the firmware has ever been updated past 4.0.2, and the GEVEY unlock does not work on this model if the firmware has ever been updated beyond 4.3.5. The only exception is if the previous owner preserved the baseband by creating a custom firmware instead of doing a regular update in iTunes. Rolling back the firmware to 4.x with an SHSH still would not make it unlockable because there is no way to roll back the baseband. The iPad baseband does not work on this model, either.

The only way to unlock it is to get your carrier to do it, if they do indeed provide this service. Most carriers do not. None of the carriers in the US can do it. I know that O2 in England does. Who is your carrier? If they do not do this, you are out of luck until a new unlock is released, and there is no ETA for one.