Using iOS Garage Band for ringtone


Jun 17, 2007
Sorry---duplicate post! Mods please delete! thanks!

I know how to make one using the iOS Garage Band app that I bought for iPhone (and iPad too for that matter).
My sole issue: I just CANNOT get to the section of the song that I want! it just keeps repeating the beginning of the song. It has nothing to do with needing to trim it, etc. No matter what settings I use, adding X amount of bars, only using for example "Section E", well, I have tried every variation of everything and I just cannot get it to play the section I want to the drag flush to the beginning of beat "Number 1", well, the beginning where you then send it to be exported and turned into a ringtone.
How the heck can I get the imported song to give me the entire SONG so that I can pick out the section I want? It should import all the song but it doesn't, and it won't let me auto extend it in my effort to slide the song to a longer time. It's just the beginning that I only have to work with.
This is frustrating. I can do this on the Mac with no problem. Issue is that I have a recondtioned Macbook that didn't have Garage Band put on it and I would rather use a $4.99 app that is supposed to allow me to do the same thing as well as just the convenience of it. Anyone?