Verifying Apple ID

My daugher has an iPod Touch and her original Apple ID was an email address that has now been discontinued. I have set up a new Apple ID for her but if she wants to update any apps that have been purchased using the old Apple ID she receives a message informing her that an email has been sent for verification. Of course, she can't verify it because the email account is no longer active. She also has credit on that old Apple ID which she can't use. Does anybody have any clues as to how she can get around this? Many thanks.


Sep 10, 2007
open iTunes, sign into the original AppleID, and click on "iTunes Store" in the left column.

at the top right of the iTunes store, you'll see your AppleID. click on it and sign in with your password.

at the top of that screen you will see the "Apple ID" field with "Edit >" to the right. Click on edit.

On that screen you can change the email address to the new valid one.
Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. When I try to do what you suggested I get a message saying "You have not verified your Apple ID. Click OK to review instructions on how to verify your Apple ID". When I click OK it takes me to another screen asking me to access the verification email previously sent (which I cannot do) to verify the ID and also gives me the option to have the email resent to me. Any ideas?