(Verizon) It has to be illegal....


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Mar 7, 2012
Ok I am a huge Apple fan boy and I will say that to start. Everything in my house is Apple and I am an early adopter. However, my 4s that is treated VERY well died out of no where on my way from Kansas City, MO to Omaha, NE on businesss. They swapped it out without using one of my Apple Care Plus exchanges due to it not being a result of damage and under warranty. Cool right?

Well, then I call Verizon today to ensure my International Data Package is ready to go for my trip to Europe in about a week. They said that they need the SIM card number because my order for the plan was canceled when I swapped out my devices. Cool still rght?

I go to give them the SIM card number and it is not viewable in the Settings Menu; so they call me on my other phone to have my pull it from my device. Not as cool as we were earlier, but I'm a chill dude.

Then I go to pop out the SIM to see that they retained my old one. The "genius" at the Apple Store took my SIM out of the old device at the Apple Retail store that I had to drive an extra 45 minutes to conduct the swap out. They took the SIM card out of a phone that is a world phone when most networks in Europe, which we joked around about while restoring from an iCloud Backup, would need a SIM to run of a freaking GSM network! Genius my ass!

Then Apple Care proceeds to tell me that they didn't have to tell me. They realize I am pretty in tune with things and offer me a decent sized credit in the Apple Online Store and proceed to tell me that I need to ask Verizon for a new SIM.

The question:

Is it illegal for them to take hardware off of your phone without your knowledge or consent? I am calling my lawyer in the morning, but I could not wait until then so I thought I would ask you all what your thoughts are. Please feel free to keep it classy and stay away from flaming. If you do not have anything constructive to say please save your keystrokes. You will get more use out of your time flaming someone that will give you a response or acknowledge the lack of maturity in doing so.

I look forward to hearing from the forum!

Most Respectfully!


PS Please do not be a grammar or typo cop. I really wrote this in the most logical frame of mind possible after a fit of rage yelling at Apple.



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Dec 12, 2008
I'm not sure why you would contact a lawyer about this. It sounds like a simple mistake and I bet Verizon will give you a free replacement SIM. AT&T has sent me free replacement SIMs in the past.


Jul 20, 2011
Lol lawyer you going to spend thousand of dollars to Try to sue Apple lol Samsung been trying to sue for a legit reason you want to sue Apple because one employee lost your sim good luck! People like you make it hard for people who really have a legit reason to sue.. Most likely you will be laughed out of court and any lawyer that takes your case is a thief since any honest lawyer will tell you that you won't win..