WARNING if your returning your iPhone (for a new iPhone)


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Jun 5, 2007
if your returning an iPhone because it had a problem (my reason was dead pixels) make the person returning it doesn't take the sim card out of your current iPhone and put it into the new iPhone. if you when you can home you wont be able to activate your iPhone. I went to an Apple store and the guy said its Apples policy and thats the only way you can return your iPhone. i called ATT and they said you have to leave the sim card that comes with the phone in the phone or it wont work. so i had to go back and try to explain that to the guy at the Apple store, he sworn he had tons of paper work that said otherwise and he couldnt do anything. i asked him what i should do since ATT says come to Apple and Apple says go to ATT, he told me to wait a minute while he talked to someone. he went to the back and returned soon with a new sim card. he warned me att might bill me twice, but i doubt this since ATT told me this was the only way to fix it and they couldnt do anything about it. but ya with the new sim it worked perfect and i now have no dead pixels!