Way to convert purchased songs to mono?


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Aug 5, 2007
I have almost no hearing in my right ear, the consequences exposing myself to extreme volume years ago. Songs that really separate portions of the music between left and right are a problem since I can only hear the greatly attenuated leakage into the left ear from a sound mainly playing on the right. Listening in the open to speakers is a different matter, but with earphones I need to remix the song.

The solution for songs I am importing from CDs is simple - select 'mono' mode in iTunes and they are remixed fine.

However, songs on iTunes that I purchase only download in stereo mode. I don't see any option to set the iPhone for mono or to tell iTunes to convert protected songs to mono.

Anyone have a clever idea or know of a well concealed option or setting?


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Jul 25, 2007
I am sorry to hear about your hearing. I have som pretty bad ears from loving to much bass in high school. I am not sure if iTunes has any way of converting the songs to mono but I know there is program out there that can help. Wavepad is one simple program you can use to convert them and I believe you can find a free version of it. Sony Soundforge is another great program for converting music but it is a little on the expensive side.

Try www.download.com for other options. Good luck with finding something that suits your needs.