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Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
With HP's announcement that they will stop making webOS phones and tablets, a good number of webOS fans will likely find their way to other platforms. For those of you who happen upon everythingiCafe, a hearty welcome. If you have any questions, join up and ask away.


Sep 7, 2010
I don't understand this twice as fast claim. The SoCs are quite similar. The main difference being the lack of mobile antennas. It can't be an issue of optimization as the TP should have this advantage or its a tie.

As someone on the other side, some publishers are just so in bed with Apple it's not funny.

I'm surprised I've not seen the connection between Rupert Murdoch and AllThingsD. Of course he didn't have a direct hand, but management sets the culture, corrupt in this case.

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Aug 2, 2007
HP has been on a slippery slope even before they bought Compaq. Their hardware is just not up to snuff. I worked for them in the late 90's and I can tell you that at that time, the main concern for each department was to spend every penny of their budget and make a profit so they could get a bigger budget the following year.
My job was to help put together tech manuals for the service technicians. Instead of simply giving our department the tech manuals, they would bill us $300 per manual. Since HP has 10's of thousands of product... Well, you get the idea. So what we had to do is get the PDF's of the user manuals (they were free) and strip them of the "fluff" and create a quick guide for technicians. It was pitiful that they couldn't work together in their own company. They tried to turn that around just before I left, but because of how they allotted the budget, it never happened. Basically, everyone was out for their own department and not for the company as a whole. When you have that type of mentality, things really suffer going out the door.
It doesn't surprise me in the least that the TouchPad has lack-luster hardware. and I am not talking about the processor or the ram. I'm talking about the system board they are on. The architecture is HORRIBLE. It's like they totally forgot how to do it.
This is also why HP isn't doing well in the consumer market, and why they are probably going to sell that businesss side off before the end of next year. their only "bread and butter" at this point is the printer biz and the corporate computer biz -both of which is suffering right now from the aftermath of the earthquakes in japan. Plus, Dell is whooping their butts in these markets because they do it better and a little cheaper.


Hi all.

Many early adopters of smartphone technology were blown away by the Palm Pre; it was a showcase of smartphone technology, and many of those same early adopters lauded its crisp feel and elegant presentation.