Weird thing that happened


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Jul 27, 2007
I've had my phone since the release and it's been working pretty well. I don't use it all that much, but I keep it on all the time and probably use the internet (via wifi (mostly) and edge)

So, I am the grocery store...have a few bars and go to make a phone call. It says, "calling home", but never connects. I try several times with the same results. I then end the call...that never went through, and go to the menu screen, but there is a bar that says if I want to go back to the call press here. I press, and then my phone goes black!

My phone was dead for several minutes! Nothing I did would turn it back on. Then miraculously it turned back on. I decided to do a full shut-down, and it took a while. The little round thingy appeared on the screen for a while until it shut down. After I turned it back on, it worked fine. This whole thing scared the heck out of me! When I got home, none of the calls before I shut the phone down went through.

Can anyone tell me why this might have happened? Nothing has been altered on my phone.

I've also have had two Jawbone's die on me! I don't think it's related, but wanted to put it out there too.



Jun 21, 2007
San Francisco
Sounds almost like a regular crash, except for it being dead for several minutes. I've had a couple of crashes, but I was able to reboot the phone immediately.

Is everything still working fine now?