Well, I'm officially out..


Dec 15, 2007
Louisville, Ky.
I wouldn't hold anything against anyone who wants to make the switch to another mobile phone.

If you require MMS, copy & paste, and the ability to edit MS Word/Excel files, then the iPhone isn't for you.

No mobile phone is perfect; not the iPhone, not the BlackBerry Storm. The upcoming Nokia will be perfect for everyone. Different phones for different people.
Dude, did you see how old this thread is.:p


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Oct 18, 2008
Las Vegas
hopefully everyone has the sense to accept that there is no one perfect device for 100% of the people. everyone's needs and expectations will always differ, hence why there are so many different devices on the market.

after years and years as a blackberry user, i totally brushed off the iPhone when it first came out. i finally gave in and gave it a shot and found out it served ME better than my blackberry ever did. but again, i emphasized 'ME' for a reason.

based on the tone of the OP's post, i assume the only thing to really have come out positively in all of this is a very happy nephew. at least you got to experience that satisfaction rather than do something like throw it through a wall... which is something i have done in the past with devices that don't meet my needs. but hey, i was never accused of being mature in my life anyways. :)