What do yall suggest?


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Aug 11, 2007
So after years of being a PC user (and always wanting a Mac)... I decided my next computer purchase will be from Apple. I have both iPod and the iPhone and its giving me a big itch for a Mac.

My choices will either be the MacPro or the MacBook Pro...

Now I was told by a Mac user (they have an older model laptop), to stay away from the Mac laptops because their screens go out. To me thats kinda hard to believe, so I though id ask. Anyways...

If you had the choice, would you get the MacPro or the MacBook Pro?
Reason I ask is because I use a desktop pc mostly. I have a dell laptop and I hate it. Only after a couple years having it, its horribly outdated, while my desktop stays up to date because well, 1) it was one I built myself 2) I can swap out the internals to keep it up to date.

How long does an Apple laptop last before its "outdated" by newer things?

I would hate to spend 2K on something that I will need to replace in just a few years.

I do mess with a lot of music, photos... Thats mainly what I have on my pc's.

Any thoughts?


Jun 29, 2007
I'm afraid you're the only one that can answer that one. I know i could not do without a desktop and a laptop in my work habits Both would be my answer for what I want right now -- wish I could afford it! I've had Macs for 22 years and while I'm sure someone has had a problem with a laptop screen I've never read of it being much of an issue. and I'm the wrong one to ask about when to buy other than if I buy, I can almost guarantee you that Apple will upgrade in he next month or so! Drives me crazy. I got my G5 iMac 2-3 months before the intels came out..... I'm still on a 4-5 year old clamshell iBook that is running like a champ and is clearly out of date but fulfills my limited road needs. Matter of fact, out of the 20 or so Macs I've had I can't recall retiring a single one because it was no long working -- I recently fired up my old original powerbook running OS 7 just for fun and it booted right up after sitting there for years.


Well for my usage, I really only needed a MacBook but I didn't like the screen size so I got the MacBook Pro. It's more than likely overkill for what I use computers for but that's ok with me. Screen size and the looks of the MBP are what made my decision along with included memory and hard drive space. I have had my MBP for a month and have eaten up half the space already with mostly music. Memory is easily upgradeable on the MBP, under the battery is an access panel. Not sure about the memory access on the MB though it's probably just as easy.

From what I have learned from reading other Mac forums, they usually say the MBP will last for years before it really needs to be replaced with an updated one. The processor is the best right now and the video card is also good.

Basically my MBP will be used for an "occasional" use of Photoshop CS3, DreamWeaver and some FTP for websites that I operate.

Hope it helps you somewhat. Enjoy whatever you get. I too got a Mac after purchasing my iPhone, it pretty much made up my mind on getting one.