What does iTunes remove when Sync with another PC?


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Jun 8, 2011
I am temporarily not able to access my PC through which I used to sync my iPod.

Now, I will be syncing my iPod with another PC (never used this PC before). So, when I will be syncing the iTunes will be asking me to "Erase all data and Sync". If I click ERASE, what all things will be erased?

I have some important files which I want to stay in the iPod even after syncing with the new PC. Using iFiles I can move the files. Where can I place these files so the the iTunes does not ERASE these files when syncing with the new PC? Maybe under the folder of some Cydia Package? Is there any directory which is not touched when the iTunes will ERASE?

When I click Erase and Sync, what all data will it erase?


Oct 21, 2009
If you click erase, everything on your iPod will be erased and synced with the other computer. Let me warn you, before you plug up your iPod to ANY other computer, please make sure you have "Prevent iPods, iPhones, etc from syncing automatically". PLEASE!

I forgot to do that and I ended up erasing all 400 of my girlfriend's iPod music. Fortunately, I was able to recover them using iFunBox and finding a "recovery" folder in the iPod. I would personally recommend backing up the music to your personal computer first. I haven't heard anyone moving it to another folder in the filesystem but I'm assuming it's worth a try. Backup first though.