Where can I find a topic on data warnings?


Oct 3, 2009
Could not find any relevant threads on high data users. Moderator harassment
I doubt it's harrasment. I have had my hand smacked plenty of times. They do their job, I do my job (give them someone to smack) :D It's all good in the end unless someone holds a grudge.

You already started a thread on this. Nobody wants to hear your bragging on how you overuse and abuse the system.
Now I don't know the history between you two but I get the same crap from some people on here. How is it over use and abuse if you are simply using it? If my contract says unlimited.....how could ANY level of use be considered over use or abuse? Just because I use more than you? I could have bought a 2 gig package. But I didn't. I paid more for unlimited.

They gave me an all you can eat buffet....no actually they didn't GIVE it to me, I PAY for it. I'll be darned if i'm going to feel bad for eating all I want. If you want to sit down and have a glass of water and a slice of bread, go at it. But don't give us grief for using what we pay for.


Jun 25, 2010
Me and Napoleon have a love hate relationship. We love each other but he hates when I consistently make the best forum topics