Which is better Gmail or Yahoo?


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Jun 20, 2007
I have a gmail account right now but I kind of like the idea of the push email without having to have it check and drain my battery... I'm not to concerned about that though I really just want to be able to hit the mail icon and get all my new mail exactly like my inbox on my computer as well as when i delete a message on my phone it deletes the message in my inbox on the computer. I love being orginized. So which do you think is better and what do I do to make this happen?

On another note when you go to the settings<general<keyboard<enable caps lock what does this setting do?

Thank you!


Jun 7, 2007
Well with Yahoo you have their attrocious customer service hanging over your head. Last year they made a mistake and closed my account. Imagine all of a sudden losing access to ALL of your yahoo services! It's very scary to think how dependent we are on their good nature. Well let me assure you, they don't have a good nature.

Try finding their phone number. Then try getting a person. Then try to convince them that you didn't voilate TOS. Only a BBB complaint fixed it.

Stick with google. Gmail's better anyway, even without push. You can always have gmail forward your email to your phone.


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Apr 26, 2007
Yahoo no longer has a storage limit, at mine says that now. They also have close to the best spam filter. GMail's interface is pretty crappy, via the web, but as a generic email service, it is pretty good. Their spam filters are pretty good too. Just choose one of them, and you will more than likely be happy with it.