Why everything about today's keynote is worthless to us


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Jul 4, 2007
Provo, UT
1. Ringtones. Only an idiot would fall for this trap. We've been able to do free ringtones since opening week.
2. New Shuffle, Nano, and Classic. Who cares, our iPhones are far superior.
2. New iPod Touch. Oh great, now we no longer have our exclusive look as iPhone owners since this new iPod looks nearly identical.
3. iTunes Mobile Music Store. Only slightly cool, knowing that we can all get a huge selection of legal, non-copyright protected music for $0.19 a song at places like gomusic.ru or mp3sparks.com.
4. Starbucks Music Downloading. Why is Apple so excited about this? Just being able to see Starbucks' playlist in iTunes? And it won't even be nationwide for 2 years? Lame if you ask me.
5. $200 iPhone price drop. This is the icing on the cake. Thanks Apple for screwing over your devoted fans by giving a 33% price drop in just 8 weeks with no restitution whatsoever. Thanks for taking advantage of your biggest supporters.

What a disappointing morning for all of us.


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Jun 30, 2007
LA California
you really cant do anything about it, its not like anyone knew that the price drop was going to happen, so now when people ask me, omg if you waited 2 months u could of gotten it for 200 less, well how the hell am i supposed to know can i see into the future *****?


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Aug 11, 2007
I've been in school all day anticipating watching the Keynote. I get home do my Algebra homework and run downstairs to check out what we got. So disappointing. I've written to Apple. Their stock went down. To me, they made a pretty big mess.
However, I'll wait until December, then I'm buying an 8 gig for $399. If there's a bigger one, I'll get that one. I have enough money. I just ticks me off that Apple would do this to us 2 MONTHS after the release.