Why use a screen cover?


Jul 4, 2007
Thank you very kindly. Like I said, it's an old trick, and I'm an old dog.

After thinking about it though, I realize it's probably not very useful with a capactive touch screen, because that works from proximity, not pressure.

With mechanical buttons or resistive screens, where you can lightly lay your fingers, the physical feedback would work much better.

On iPhone, by the time you felt the ridges, you'd already be selecting something. Oh well, darn.


Cheers, Kev
Well, not to beat a dead horse, but I really think it is a good idea. What if it was a thicker static type removable film that had raised bubbles. The bubble height would be such that without depressing, your finger would be just a little too far away to trigger it. May not look as pretty, but if were easy to remove and put back on, the heavy texters might like it. I personally have sent a total of 10 text messages in my whole life, so I am no expert, but it just sounds so right.


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Jul 31, 2007
Hmm - swore I've seen a number of threads out there with complaints of scratched screens... yet this one is unusual with none of those folks piping in. Maybe I'm nuts.

Anyhow, I had my iPhone a grand total of 4 days before noticing two faint scratches on the screen. Scratches that were only evident in good lighting at a fair angle. I'm not sure how they could have made it, I handle my iPhone with kid gloves and put it in my left pocket with the screen resting against the back of my lambskin wallet, nothing else. I live downtown and there is construction around... perhaps heavy dust particles got attracted to it and I wiped it off without checking thoroughly?

Tried the iCrystal, hard to install the first time, but rinsed it with soap and water and it worked the second shot. Been good for a month.


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Aug 16, 2007
the protector film' static clinger" i bought from Apple was the best ive seen
i don't have any of those rubber or leather cases. only the film and it works wonder.
protected from finger prints , smudges and everything from scratches from impact with keys and stuffs in your pocket
i love it, i don't know why you are complaing about it, its made from materials that woulndt slide around, perfect fit to the iPhone

you just wanted too much. you shouldnt complain
dude, ppl can complain all they want, it's a free country
and yes i had those protective film before for my ipod, and they sucked


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Aug 9, 2007
I tried the crystal film that is sold at Apple stores just to see how it looked/felt and the first one I put on had bubbles so I tried to take it off and reapply it but it was damaged when it finally came off. I tried to put the second protector on with the same problem.....

BTW, the Apple store by me doesn't sell them anymore...

um, never happened to me. i'm so happy to have gotten the piece of plastic sheet for my sheet of glass. it fit perfect too.:laugh2:


Jul 16, 2007
Yes plastic is easier to scratch than glass but say if you dropped your iPhone and it slid across a concrete pavment face down. It would scratch the glass. Now if you had a screen protector yes it would prob get scratched BUT you can easily peel off and replace the screen protector now with a scratched glass screen you can't just replace it like that so your stuck with it being scratched permently versus having the screen protector take one for the team

This just happened to me yesterday: I got out of my car and somehow the iPhone was airborne. When I tried to grab it I ended up hitting it and it flew even further--about 6 feet.

This was in a dirt parking lot filled with small jagged rocks. The iPhone landed face down and slid along the rocks.

When I picked it up I thought the screen was smashed. The Crystal film had large crater-like markings, and deep scratches. It looked like a few jagged rocks had pierced the film too.

I figured there would have to be some damage to the glass. But when I got home and peeled off the screen protector the glass underneath was perfect. Not a scratch.

Whether the protector helped prevent the glass from breaking, I don't know. But I do think it stopped it from getting scratched, and perhaps pitted. I know I won't ever go without a screen protector again. Oh yes, the iPhone also had a BSE on, and apparently that prevented the bezel from scratching.

Fortunately I still had the second Crystal film so I just applied it and was good-to-go.



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Jul 7, 2007
I have a slightly different angle on the use of screen protectors.

After reading several articles about some peoples touch screen having some dead spots one tech guy said the capacitive(sp) screen has a thin coating that, over time, could wear off in heavily used areas. Or during the manufacturing small areas didn't get enough coating to effectively conduct heat to activate some functions. In the case of it wearing off this particular tech guy said Apple could have a serious issue down the road.

Back to my original thought. Could the screen protector help prevent the wearing off? Maybe... Just food for thought.


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Aug 17, 2007
The Big UK
So tell me again why I just paid $10 to protect glass with a piece of plastic? Considering hardness, shouldn't it be the other way around?


whats the point?
Glass is VERY hard to scrach (unless you puss against it HARD)
anyway if you do push hard with a piece of plastic over it its still gnna get through to the glass:sick:


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Aug 12, 2007
The first time u get a scratch on that bare naked screen, you'll definitely see the need for a screen protector. I think that the screen without a protector is just spectacular, but i just won't take the chance that the things gets scratched b/c of something stupid that I do.

There are tons of posts across the web about very careful people who have had something unfortunate happen to their phone's screen.

So it's obviously an individual choice, but I have never seen anyone who said that they didn't mind the scratch after they have gotten one. I haven't noticed a decrease in responsiveness of the screen in the least either.


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Aug 4, 2007
yeah i think the screen protectors don't look good on the iPhone. The phone is made to look nice and clean but this just takes away from that.

I actually use a cleaner solution called iKlenz that works really well. It does a nice job of cleaning all the smudges and oils off the screen. It comes with a bottle of solution spray, a nice black microfiber cloth, and a microfiber case to carry it all it if you want to bring it with you. I actually have one in my car for on the go and one in my house.

Here is the site if you are interested....www.iklenz.com.

I think it looks really nice too. Its all black and white so it looks nice to compliment my phone.