WiFi Erroneous "Incorrect Password" Error


Dec 10, 2009
Clarksburg, WV
Hooked up a new Belkin 802.11n WiFi router yesterday.
Hardwired it to my PC and threw in the strartup disk.
Once the WiFi connection was established, I grabbed my 4S and tried to connect.
I was greeted with a "incorrect password" message.
I may have mistyped the stock PSK (password), so I tried several more times, no luck.
I decided to just complete the install and try again afterwards.
Once I changed the SSID (router name) and password from default to my own, I completed the install, and tried again.
Still no luck:


I then tried with Mrs Snowtrooper's and son's 4S's, Apple TV3, MacBook Pro laptop and windows PC.
No problem on any of those, connected right away.

So went on a troubleshooting mission with my 4S.

Think I've tried EVERYTHING.

On router:
Changed the SSID and password

On iPhone:
Reset network connections
Toggled WiFi
Toggled Airplane
Power cycle
Hard reboot
Ran iCleaner
Killed all running/backgrounding apps

Called AppleCare and tech asked me to go through everything I already tried, which I did...
Only things different he suggested was to step outside my house, get a little distance from the router. No change.
Also suggested I attempt to connect to a different WiFi router.
Went to my neighbors, did not work using his either.

Tech suggested it was a device issue and authorized a hardware swap.

While comparing devices that were connecting, I noticed a few anomalies.
The "forget this network" :


and "renew lease" options were not visible, as well as any of the network details:


I had the bright idea to activate the router's guest network, and make it open, with no sign on required. The rhought was to force the device to recognize the connection and reestablish the network details.
That did work, finally a WiFi commection!
Figured I was good to try again with the secured connection.
As before, same error.

All our 4S's are running current iOS and are Absinthe'd.
I cannot for the life of me sort this out.
Not a huge issue, since I can swap it out, but rather avoid a trip to the Apple store and having to restore/rejailbreak....

Just thought I'd post here in case anyone had a similar issue they were able to resolve.
Maybe I'm not seeing the forest through the trees:D


Aug 1, 2012
To be honest, your best bet is to replace the device and go through with the rejailbreaking. Be sure that you restore the device as new before going into Apple. They won't replace the device(at least not suppose to) if it is jailbroken. I know it's an inconvenience, but doing what you have done is far more of an inconvenience each time than doing this once.