Will I lose iPhone 5 jailbreak if I unlock it?

Kathie Rebman

Jun 4, 2011
Janesville, Wisconsin
I have my iPhone 5 jailbroken, if I want to unlock it will I lose my jailbreak? Any suggestions on the best place to unlock it? I have AT&T and just changed carriers so I sold my phone on ebay but AT&T won't unlock until I pay off my contract (after they bill me for the contract termination) they said they won't be billing me until June 15th! They told me they can't take payment until I am billed. So now the buyer says he wants to buy the unlock.


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
So you're selling this phone and you're not going to restore it to factory settings first? Removing all of your personal data can be tedious without restoring, but it is possible.

Does the buyer require a jailbreak or just an unlock? If he only needs it unlocked, I would restore it. He can buy the unlock himself or you can do it before you sell it. Your iPhone is eligible for unlocking as long as you purchased it before 1-26-13. They cost about $5 on eBay. Search for AT&T iPhone 5 unlock.

You do not have to be jailbroken to unlock. IMEI (eBay) unlocks require a restore to apply them, but there is a way to bypass that if you are jailbroken. If you want to keep your jailbreak, follow my directions here: