Wow - HP Killing Off webOS Devices / Platform


Sep 7, 2010
You do know that I whole heartedly wish that iOS could find it's way on to the TouchPad.

Course the fanatics amongst your crowd would say I'm trying to sneak in a landmine.

I recognize enough that such a beast is that, a landmine, but my wish is more for cheap iOS for the masses and some support for the continuance of WebOS as a stimulant to competition.

And really short term, such a thing damages the budding Android tablet market. Long term though, I highly doubt Apple could ever let such a thing even exist within their skunk works despite that stupid article about the TouchPad running iOS twice as fast as WebOS.

To me that's like some idiot claiming to be a dead actresses secret one time lover. How do you ever find the truth to such a statement.

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