iPhone X X early impressions


Nov 23, 2007
This forum has taught me a lot, so I wanted to contribute an uneducated review :)

My 6+ started having issues, so I went on Monday to get a new phone. My intention was a 7+ or 8, but ended up with a 256 X. Apple pricing always gets me- they had a 7, but for not much more you can get the X, so X it was.

One thing that sold me was a “bigger screen”. I didn’t look close enough, I took the salesman’s word. That’s my biggest disappointment: it is longer than my plus, but also narrower. Had I looked closer and seen that I probably would have gone for the 8. I like to watch tv and videos on the phone, and the aspect ratio is not as good. Also all the type and icons are smaller because of it. I almost returned it because of this.

As for operation- I don’t lock, don’t care about Animojis, don’t see any difference in the camera for my use, so I’m not impressed. I don’t see any big improvement in battery life. I do like the improved water resistance. And the speakers are definitely better. Having no home button hasn’t been any big deal, although I think I would prefer it. Really miss the batt % on the face by it's easy to find.

I know I still have a lot of learning to do but so far I like it but am not wowed. I have found though that sometimes it pays me to buy the latest and over time I will end up glad I did. I hope that happens with this. But starting over knowing what I know now, I would go for the 8 and look for something more impressive next time.